Plover is made by busy women for busy women.

Owned by one woman who started an empire and sold it (that’d be Belinda).

And another who writes and connects and communicates for a living (that’d be Kellie).

In 2015, Belinda sold her 50% share in the company she had co-founded with another Mornington Peninsula woman.

That company was endota spa. It was Australia’s first, and still biggest, day spa network.

There’s obviously a story there, but this is the Plover story so you’ll just have to catch Belinda if you want to hear it.

Belinda and Kellie had worked together from the beginning of endota. Before that they were just friends who liked travel, bourbon cans and surfing. Now that a few years have passed, they have graduated to travel, fine spirits/wine and yoga/pilates as well as surfing.

But back to working together at endota. Belinda ran the place. Kellie managed all of the communications - internal boring stuff like business planning, and external sexy stuff like brand building. And then - long story very short - they both left and started thinking about where this whole, more-and-more-popular-but-still-wobbly-around-the-edges wellbeing industry was going.

They decided to focus on what women want. Because it is women who drive 75% of spending, and women who have largely driven the wellbeing industry to where it is today. Which is this: literally an alternate healthcare system. One focused on prevention rather than after-the-fact attempts at a cure.

Here’s the other thing about women: we’re all busy. Women are shouldering work life without offloading the home chores. We control more and more of available discretionary income, because now we are also the ones earning it. Women crave stores and experiences that meet us with what we want: convenience, efficiency and stuff that just works. With a conscience and some style.

So this is Plover: a distillation of the things that make life breezier and worth living.

Melded together in one light-filled, airy, large footprint space so that you can just make the one leisurely stop.

And have your eyes soothed by the holiday-like surrounds while you’re there.

Coffee and juices and smoothies and food that makes you feel good.

Fashion and athleisure and wellbeing products that work - from supplements to silk pillows to tongue scrapers to eco beauty.

Yoga and pilates for everyone from pre-school age up.

The best massage going. DMK facials that work.

Therapies and workshops: nutrition, NLP, crystals, kids stuff.

Oh, and Plover is this website. So you can choose to interact with Plover in the bricks and mortar.

Or you can get it all here.

Our place or yours?

Here you are.

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