- DMK enzyme therapy facials -

Nutrition Facial 45mins $110

DMK’s chilled out gateway facial. Cleanse. Pre-exfoliation, hydration or clarifying mask. Mini massage. Transdermal infusions of essential vitamins and minerals.

DMK Consult 30mins $60*

Skin analysis with a DMK expert to determine the right DMK course of action for your skin.

$60 consult cost redeemable off your next DMK facial or skincare product.


DMK Level 1 90mins $190

Calm, strengthen and bring skin back into harmony. Cleanse. Pre-exfoliation. Enzyme mask 1. Transdermal infusions of serums and finishing cremes.

DMK Level 2 115mins $240

Refine skin texture and deliver instant hydration. Cleanse. Pre-exfoliation. AHA plumping exfoliation. Enzyme mask 1. Transdermal infusions of serums and finishing cremes.

DMK Level 3 115mins $270

Look different. DMK plus muscle banding techniques to retrain facial muscles. Cleanse, pre-exfoliation, enzyme mask 2 + 3, transdermal infusions of serums and finishing cremes.

The Top 120mins $290

The have-it-all facial. Muscle banding techniques retrain facial muscles to lift and hold. Cleanse. AHA plumping exfoliation. ALL the enzyme masks: 1, 2 + 3. Transdermal infusions of serums and finishing cremes.

- Hydrafacial -

30mins $120

‘No need for makeup’ skin. Fast. Dermatologists prescribe Hydrafacial to resurface skin with stripping. Infuses moisture as it clears skin debris for a freshened, tightened effect.

- Remedial Massage -

60 mins $110 90 mins $160

We only employ massage therapists who really know their stuff. Always exceptional remedial massage. Intuitive, deeply healing.

- Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) -

Initial consult $140

Holly combines NLP and hypnosis to forge new neural pathways and literally change the way you think. Overcome anxiety, achieve goals, get through parenthood, manage stress.

- Nutritional medicine -

Initial consult $155

Mel practices whole body nutrition to address gut, skin and hormonal issues. Nutritional solutions to manage stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness and mood as well as weight. Rebates available.

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