Super Elixir Refill Pouch

Super Elixir Refill Pouch

$49.00 AUD

Elle Macpherson's premium greens powder in a kitchen-bench-enhancing caddy.

The Super Elixir is the Rolls Royce of green powders, and not just because it has Elle at the wheel. The Welle Co guys use the best ingredients they can find, sourcing pomegranate, kelp, turmeric, aloe vera, horsetail and dandelion from the best possible suppliers.

Because Chinese Medicine is actual real life alchemic magic gleaned over centuries, the Super Elixir includes Chinese Medicine herbs. As well as Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms. Because Japan. Joke! Because manganese, selenium, zinc and the "master antioxidant" ergothioneine are contained within.

  • Restores gut pH to healthy, alkaline state
  • The purest base ingredients, easily digested
  • Boosts immunity and energy, promotes clearer skin
  • Plover clients swear by it

Welle Co is based in Perth

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