Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil

$27.95 AUD

This stuff just works. Seriously, we can't keep it on the shelves at Plover. And we're wondering why it has, frankly, taken us so long to work out just how magical Magnesium Oil is.


First of all, despite the name, Magnesium Oil is not oily. It's more of a spray. And since the best way to get more Magnesium into your system is to apply it (the more sophisticated among us call this Transdermal application), The Base Collective Magnesium Oil Spray is literally the perfect thing to optimise Magnesium's benefits.


Like reducing muscle cramps and fatigue. Like easing anxiety and stress. Like aiding in deep sleep.


Simply spray it where you need it. It will tingle on the skin - this is normal. But if the tingling is too distracting, try applying moisturiser first. 


Made in Melbourne

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