Dictionary Meaning / Mum

Dictionary Meaning / Mum

$34.95 AUD

Commonfolk Candles is a local, Mornington Peninsula company with all the right moves.

Handpoured soy candles: check.
Labels designed in conjunction with top photographers: check.
Messaging that you want sitting gently in your home: check.

Commonfolk Candles are the kind of product you look at and wish you'd thought of first. We all love beautiful Instagram-worthy images and uplifting quotes. Of course you want them dotted about your house, lightly emitting delightful, all-Australian fragrance.

The creamy soy candle flavours:

  • Mali: Coconut and lime
  • Byron: Almond and coconut milk, vanilla, caramel and coconut
  • Hudson Valley: cucumber, mint, ginger with a twist of lemongrass + persian lime
  • Tulum: Mango and lime

The creamy soy candle facts:

  • Made with creamy, pure soy wax - a renewable resource
  • Handpoured on the Mornington Peninsula
  • No chemicals
  • 80+ hours burn time
  • Natural wooden wicks (not chemically-saturated cotton)
  • Reusable jar: just fill empty candle jar with biling water and allow to cool. Remove (separated) wax. Repeat until clean.

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