Plover is the alchemy of its parts.
We believe in distilling all of the things that make life breezier and worth living.

In short, all things wellbeing.
Because we are all ready for wellbeing. We just want it to be easy-to-find and in a space made for us (spacious, light-filled, with a touch of the magic).

Hands up if you go on holiday intending to come back feeling better. If you wake up tired but knowing a stretch or some sweating or some coffee will fix it.

If eating well is how you start the day...but sometimes it dissolves from there.

Us too!
So Plover is Yoga and pilates.

Seriously good coffee... and turmeric / herbal / charcoal options for those who’d rather not caffeine. Plover is healthy eating, detox programs and supplements.

It’s a skin + beauty studio with a massage and 2 facials; but only 2 of them (because those two would be the most amazing on a menu of 45 treatments anyway). It is a curio shoppe of the best (cult) wellbeing and beauty finds around.

It’s that “just buy me anything from that shop” store. Leggings and useful home things and gifts.

Oh, and Plover is this website. So you can choose to interact with Plover in the bricks and mortar.
Or you can get it all here.
Our place or yours?
Here you are.

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