Layered granola w/ yoghurt $8 Plover granola layered with cinnamon yoghurt, topped with strawberries
Coconut Chia Parfait $8 Coconut chia layered with mango puree V
Bircher $8 Housemade bircher, cranberries, sultanas & figs, topped with coconut + fresh fruit V
Brekky nourish bowl w/ haloumi $18 All the good stuff: haloumi , quinoa, asparagus, egg, tabouleh, avo


Salmon dill pancakes $19 Brown rice corn fritters with smoked salmon, avocado & tahini sauce GF
Avo smash on sourdough $17 Avocado , marinated feta , lemon with a dash of chilli salt
Porridge $12 2 ways: 1) with stewed seasonal fruit; or 2) with candied pecans


Choc energy $9 Banana / Cacao nibs / Maca powder / Cashew butter / Maple syrup / Coconut milk
Banana $9 Banana / Vanilla / Cinnamon / LSA / Dates / Soy milk
Berry $9 Banana / Berries / LSA / Maple syrup / Soy milk
Peanut Butter $9 Banana / Peanut Butter / Maple syrup / Almond milk
**Add protein powder or Plover tonic (stress / skin / energy) $1


Acai $11 Berries / Acai / Coconut water
Choc Maca Tahini $11 Banana / Tahini / Avocado / Dates / Vani l la / Maca powder / Cacao / Almond milk
Green Tea Matcha $11 Banana / Avocado / Maple syrup / Matcha / Almond milk
Topped with... Granola / Strawberries / Coconut flakes / Chopped cashews / Cacao nibs


Rice paper rolls
Avocado or Tofu $8.5

Brown rice tuna $8
Brown rice vegetarian sushi $8

Buddha bowl $16 Quinoa, pumpkin, corn, avo, capsicum, asparagus + toasted nuts V, GF

Peer into the gold fridge for today’s salad Small $8 Large $12

Wraps Served fresh or toasted
Veggie Burger wrap $16 Soy mayo, sweet chilli smashed avo + feta, semi dried tomatoes, lettuce V
Mexican Bean wrap $18 Mushroom and black beans in Chipotle sauce with avo V Baguettes Toasted
Egg brioche $15 Egg, relish, Masdaam cheese
Roast Pumpkin baguette $16 Semi sundr ied tomatoes, pine nuts, rocket, pesto, mayo V
Avo Bocconcini baguette $16 Avo, bocconcini, sliced tomato, basil
Turkey Brie baguette $16 With rocket and cranberry sauce


Soup of the day V, GF $10 Add toasted turkish or gluten free bread $1.50
Veggie stew/curry/chilli of the day $16 Served with brown rice. Ask staff for details. V, GF
Johnny Ripe Pies
Toasties Cheese toastie $5
Ham & cheese toast ie $6.5
All the options, including vegan, spelt and gluten free. Served with tomato relish.
Jacket potato or sweet potato
Plain: cheese, sour cream, butter $14
Plain vegan $15
Slaw: red cabbage, corn, capsicum, coriander $15
Stew: topped with chilli , curry or stew of the day $15

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