Detox soup is life

Detox soup is life

Soup is our friend.

And if you’re on the Plover detox, soup = dinner.
While we’re conversing casually over the back fence, the next detox round will be kicking off on September 2, 2019. Prepare your engines. Drink as much coffee as you can, while you can. And if you’re up for it, get with our bright-eyed, clear skinned group. From Day 5 we’re an energetic bunch. The less said about the days leading up to then, the better.

There will be detox returnees looking to reset. There will be days of lamenting and pining after foods we once loved and relied heavily upon for day-to-day mental stability. There will be crushing cravings. And then there will be sweet release from reliance on consumable items that we thought were ideal…but which then reveal themselves to be otherwise. Happens every time.

Our detox guru Mel has sworn off eggs (her favourite food) forever after Detox 1 revealed an egg intolerance. Does she miss them? Nup. Because the brain fog has gone. Gone, people, gone.

We’ve had detoxers realise that they are fructose intolerant. Detoxers shift to FODMAP-friendly foods because the other foods, as it turns out, were the cause of all their problems. Because you are what you eat. And if you’re eating foods that do not serve you, then you are a struggler. Often without even realising it.

And could there be a Plover Bloke Detox in the mix? Demand says yes. The blokes want in. So prepare thyselves and thy bloke acquaintances for portions and a program that allow for both the completion of physical labour AND feeling like a hero at the conclusion of each day.

So far we’ve only had blokes who were dragged reluctantly into detox by their significant others. But now those blokes have sparked a whole new round of interest from other blokes who imagine that being 8-15kgs lighter would make completing their ideal life activities easier, better and more winning. And they would be right.

But detoxing aside, Plover soup is an everyday menu staple right now. Want some? Get some. We promise it will be good. We can’t promise golden cauliflower will be the today flavour. But good: that we can promise.

And so long as you’re not detoxing, it comes with a mighty slab of bread and everybody’s favourite: butter. Mmmm, butter*

*Not a detox-approved food. Eat it now.

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