Don’t take it from us

Don’t take it from us

You know what’s insane?
When you work for years putting together an idea in your head.
Turning it into an actual in-the-flesh or at least in-the-carpet-concrete-and-wood reality.
Filling it with all the things that you think people want and need to live well lives.
Adding humans to staff it who get you and the concept and can – fingers crossed – make it fly.

Then you place your strangled, terrified heart firmly in your mouth and open the doors.
You hope but don’t dare to hope but hope that people will get it. That this thing you’ve created resonates.

And then the people get it. They really do. And thank you for streaming in so constantly and resolutely to show us that you do.

Then, one fine morning you wake up to a message which puts into words what someone else thinks of the whole shebang and it’s more than you could have hoped for in all of that hoping against hope. You get Plover and holy thank you for totally encapsulating why we exist.

Enough about us. Let’s hear what someone else thinks of us.

“Loving today’s post. I can’t verbalize it as eloquently as you – but I have wrestled with the idea of doing all the “woowoo” things (crystals, kinesiology, sound baths, healing, journaling, meditation) you name it I’ve tried it all – over the course of the total shit show that has been the last 6 months of my life.

At times these things have literally kept me alive and other times I have almost held them in hate for turning me into a “cliche” of a broken/healing woman.

But guess what? I’m still here and these little “hooks” have kept me alive & putting one foot in front of the other. So there has to be some method in our madness right? It works!

I think what you do down there in that little Plover house is f**king magical.
Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s post brings 🌟❤️”

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