Breakfast o’clock

Breakfast o’clock

It is published somewhere in the annals of advertising history that fast food restaurants – particularly those who deliver – advertise late at night on TV because that’s when the people have the munchies. And are presumably staring at the TV pondering their next move.

No judgement here. We love a little TV staring. And pondering is our absolute jam.

We’re just going to leave this here as our very own contribution to anyone feeling hunger pains of any description.
Maybe it’s late night with you, maybe it’s not. But it’s late night somewhere so let’s roll.

Is this healthy? Oh yes. Would actually expect anything else from us?

Just a casual homemade baked beans with feta leisurely kicking it with toast and avocado. There might be healthier hunger beaters. But can they knock a craving flat in under 10 minutes? Rhetorical question. Just find your feet strolling into the Plover cafe at your earliest convenience and your answer will meet you there.

See you from 8am.

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