Spring detox 2019

Spring detox 2019

The first rule of detox is that you talk constantly about detox.

What else are you going to do? We’ve taken everything else you love away, leaving only vegetables, herbal tea and deep yearning.

Is it worth it? You bet it is. So worth it that our first band of merry, committed detoxers are actually hassling – yes, hassling – to get started again. Nutritionist Mel is back in the saddle, girding her loins for another 21 days of leading the pack, and answering your queries whilst wrestling valiantly against her own Corona withdrawals.

There will be Facebook group conversations about portion sizes, the insane and wondrous flavour of vegetables once your tastebuds have adapted and toileting habits. It happens. That part we do keep mostly amongst the group. Mostly. See the First Rule of Detox above.

Anyone wondering whether they should detox needs to ask themselves whether they would enjoy feeling better, clearer and not reliant on food and beverage crutches to hobble them through the day. Sleep improves. As does general mood and instances of random elation mixed with an almost righteousness that this is easy and why wasn’t I just eating like this all the time?

Hard to say life stress family time shortage Friday night wine cheese comforting toast. Just some guesses out of the top of my currently-undetoxed head.

You can do this. For inspiration, look to Simon Cowell of Britain’s Got Talent fame. At age 59 Simon has just pulled a Pete Evans, detoxed his eating habits and is a lean, clearheaded slip of his former self. Look, admittedly there are better role models out there but; a) Pete Evans has kind of jumped the shark with the general public, and b) the other role models weren’t in the news just yesterday and we are nothing if not current and up with the latest.

Detox is hard until it’s not and then it’s the only thing you want to talk about because it’s a genuine revelation.
Get with us and get reading and ready ahead of time. There’s a whole book (although it feels much shorter and besides a full half of it is recipes) to get through.  We start the actual self-restraint September 2.

Are you in? Click right here, hopefuls.

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