Daily mental health

Daily mental health

The author Elizabeth Gilbert always has important things to say.
If you read Eat Pray Love and left it at that, you’ve barely scratched the surface and Oh What Joys And Knowledge await.

This girl is on fire and her vision is searing. On creativity. On the fear that stops us from going for the things we really really really want (this train of thought might be the favourite). On life with grief.

But her most important admission launched into the world about three weeks ago.
And just like that, scrap the previous favourite train of thought: THIS is the new favourite.

She may look like she has it all, but Elizabeth’s crazy-rich storytelling mind has a flip side; every morning it wants to tell her grim things about life, the world around her, the perils of getting out of bed.

For anyone who has ever looked at someone else and wondered what their ‘secret’ is. For anyone who has thought that the next woman has it easier…. The secret is there is no secret and despite our hopes to the contrary, financial success does not automatically mean ease. We’re all carrying a level of mental tension and, yes, having money can ease that tension on some level.

But imagine for a moment that you have all the money you envision will be enough. But to have it you have to give up one thing you really, truly love. Like your self esteem. Your big dream. Your ability to sleep soundly through the night. Still think that money is the only thing you need to be truly satisfied with your life?

Elizabeth may seem to have it all, but even she doesn’t wake up and only smell roses. No; she takes herself through a sequence of meditation, dancing and journaling to find her mental equilibrium at the start of each day.

We’re not suggesting that you make those things your morning ritual. Heck, finding time for showering is sometimes a mighty feat.

We are suggesting that we’re all wrestling with some degree of fear, worry, grief, depression. And that this is standard. The little things you consciously do to uplift yourself today are among the most important things you will do; and they don’t need to take long.

5 minute phone-free stroll, anyone?
Small dance session to the sort of tunes that YouTube is riddled with?
A long stare at the outside landscape, actively hearing all of the sounds?

Some… most…. OK, all of the mornings our own heads are our first hurdle. Even when we’re Elizabeth Gilbert.

This mental caretaking is work. Good work, but work.

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