Meditation is hard

Meditation is hard

Confession: meditation is hard.

I know I should. Meditate, that is. I know it’s the antidote to the racing brain and – oh look here we are again, hello fellow middle of the night wakers – disturbed sleep and even anxiety. Which I think we’ve covered before and have unilaterally agreed is an unwelcome beast often triggered by some actual event but then, once unleashed, flings itself wantonly at everything from Did I Leave The Stove On to Remember That Thing I Said 15 Years Ago.

The first hard thing about meditation is making the time. Squeezing some minutes. And daily minutes? What is this alternate life you speak of? Would that mean peeling back my social media *cough* controlled usage *cough*?

Then there’s actually attempting to meditate which, if you’re anything like me, must involve a guided recording because contemplating just sitting there with my thoughts; sorry, my non-thoughts, is too overwhelming. So guided meditation it is. Which inevitably begins with a direction to sit comfortably. But lying down is who I am and what I’m committed to. And thus begins several minutes of wondering whether lying down is acceptable or whether I’ve already broken the first rule of meditation and it’s all just wasted time hating the voice and the music and questioning the credibility of both for the next 10 minutes.

‘Turning my mind gently back to the breath’ is now impossible because this voice is just not for me and now I’m agitated and did someone just message me?

It’s a modern dilemma. Plover is working hard at finding paths to meditation that are not nearly so fraught. The first is soundbaths. Have you had one? If not, why not? You lie down (hallelujah), and the soundbath healer/practitioner/maker of sounds/wizard creates an echo chamber of amazing sounds for your brain to follow. Magic no joke.

And easy. You want easy? Soundbaths are so easy kids can participate. You lie there. The sounds take you into a meditative state. Job done. And Plover is staging soundbaths once a week. So there’s that option.

Part 2: learning something new. Deep breath and Vedic we go. Vedic Meditation is very similar to the Transcendental Meditation that all the celebrities are using to stay young, mentally virile and relevant. It’s twenty minutes, twice a day. And it is – by all accounts – life-changing. We’re up for a little life changing. Will it stop us from running 15 year old conversations over in our heads at 2am? Then Count Us In.

Having enlisted the help of e Vedic Meditation leader to set us on the path and show us the way, Plover is all open minds and clear hearts. Are you in?

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