DMK healthy skin

DMK healthy skin

So DMK facials. We love them.

More importantly, Lucky loves them and Lucky is the queen of critical skincare research.
She’s heard all the skincare pitches and theories and DMK contains one of the highest concentrations of active ingredients of any range going around. So given thirty seconds to think about it and wondering which product range would deliver actual differences to our clients’ skin, we leapt in their direction.

Slight segue: over the past few months we may or may not have been peering beneath the hoods of Australia’s biggest skincare manufacturers. Just to see what’s there. Just to see what they might whip up for us at some future date. And it has been an eye-opener.

Sure; many skincare brands claim to have active ingredients with various fancy names and claims to fame. But – earthshaker – a lot of them contain such small smidges of active ingredients that they have little chance of actually positively affecting your skin.

Not DMK (which stands for Danne Montague-King, the skin-obsessive and formulator behind this whole ‘skin enzyme’ movement).
DMK does what it says it will: revises skin. Using the power of your own lymphatic system. As modelled here. An enzyme mask draws circulation to the surface of the skin, oxygenating skin cells and, Chinese medicine-style, prompting your body to do the work. The good work of regenerating skin so that it acts – and looks – more alive. Not just during your facial and in the hours after, but for the days and weeks to come.

Look, I’m the first to admit that grooming is not really my thing. When our therapists outlined the number of products I would be layering on to my skin (6) as part of my new DMK skincare routine, I was admittedly daunted. We are, after all, talking about someone who imagines that not applying makeup that day constitutes just cause to not cleanse, serum or moisturise my skin of an evening. Guilty.

But blow me down and who knew a ritual could be so delightful; I actually enjoy layering those products on now. Both for the routine of the exercise itself and the way it makes my skin feel afterwards. And because I’m using such tiny amounts (DMK is PACKED with active ingredients in high dosages), it lasts and lasts and lasts.

Now that we’ve veered into TV Shopping Network territory, I will step away from the microphone. But one more thing (and it’s not a set of steak knives, although they could be handy too; let’s look into that); DMK is also your go-to skin treatment for acne – and we mean serious, heartbreaking, life-shirking acne. It’s also your go to skincare for rosacea. For fine lines. For pigmentation. Heck, even for those fine hairs on the side of your face. In short: it is the skincare bomb.

We really have raved enough. A skin consult awaits


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