Gut skin go

Gut skin go

Gut skin health.

Everyone’s talking about it. Do we get it?
Stay with us and let’s see if we can learn something together.

Our nutritionist Mel Craig is all about the gut-skin health link. As are nutritionists everywhere….and it all begins in the the microbiome. Deep breath, we can know tricky things. The microbiome is the environment in which prebiotic and probiotic bacteria mingle, co-dependent-style. AKA your gut.

If we didn’t lose you somewhere around the microbiome mark Good On You and look at your smarty pants. For the rest of us let’s quickly move on to soething we can all quickly grasp. Stress is the number one cause of skin ageing. Followed by lack of sleep. So stop stressing and undersleeping, y’all. Problem solved.

Aaaand now back to the real world where children get ready for bed at the speed of snail but can silently fill an entire wall with permanent marker in under 4 minutes. Where driving with other humans is taking place daily and some of those humans are welded simultaneously to both the fast lane and driving 10kms under the speed limit.

If stress is unavoidable, then kindness to your gut is key. On the short list of things to do right now today to improve your gut health: consciously attempting to stress less. Eating well. Seeing a nutritionist if things are out of whack because what is going on in your gut is directly expressed on your skin.

If your gut is leaky, it’s putting your endocrine system under stress. Here we go again with the learning….your endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce and manage hormones. And hormones are not just a great excuse to behave like the inner boundary warrior we all are on the inside on a monthly and throughout-menopausely basis. Hormones also regulate your metabolism, your skin regeneration and your sleep.

We are all of us a project of serious work, all the time. Sorry to say but it’s true. And if you’re consuming an overload of gluten, sugar or alcohol your body focuses on expelling those toxins over absorbing nutrients. In both of these scenarios, your body protects the major organs; proclaims ‘later, skin, hair, nails, any nod to vanity’; and works on the real problems.

So, your gut. Back to it. One of our fabulous Plover teamsters has started taking The Beauty Chef’s newish product: Gut Primer. She did so because she works for us and why not try it. But – surprise! It actually fixed a long-standing problem. Here it comes. Brace your bowels and hearts: poo. Hers have been loose for years. Not a great gut sign. The Beauty Chef Gut Primer gave her great poo. And almost immediately. In case you’re wondering, Nutritionist Mel is happy to describe this ultimate poo to the crowd. It’s smooth and sausage like. Easy to expel. Satisfying once complete (i.e. you shouldn’t still feel like you need to go afterwards).

Having experienced the ultimate poo, our Plover chick wondered whether the Gut Primer was really the direct reason for the improvement. So she stopped taking it, and – BAM – her poo went back to its fast and loose ways faster than you can say public toilet aversion. Suffice to say, she’s a Gut Primer Convert.

What are you doing for your microbiome today? We have a love/hate relationship with puns, but cannot resist this one.

Love Your Guts. And if you’re still confused on the whole gut/skin connection and the big words that accompany it (microbiome, endocrine system), fear not. We will speak and learn again.

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