On Fridays

On Fridays

The Friday finish line is nigh. One short working period from now and we’ll all be barrelling towards that Friday night wine.

Friday night is the best because there are so many minutes of weekend ahead. Friday night is “stuff it, I’m not doing anything further” o’clock. Friday night is feverish positive thoughts and fabulous sleep. Friday night is – let’s be honest – often kicking itself off somewhere around 10am.

Ever notice how few emails you get on a Friday? It’s because we’ve all clocked off, logged out, mentally shut it down. Who is really getting anything done on a Friday? I mean, apart from the Plover staff, who are kicking it out of the park all of the days ending in ‘day’? Friday is for daydreaming and journaling. Which makes our timing perfect, because look what arrived in store yesterday. No, not perfect legs and a tan (your legs are perfect as they are and I am the last person to advocate for a tan: this body is glowing in the dark white but that has its ageing benefits just ask Nicole Kidman)

The journal, people! The Axel and Ash Pause journal. The perfect way to convince yourself that you’re actually achieving something on a Friday without having to do anything labeled Chore or Work.

We got it because we love it and we’re also very partial to upstart female business partners who make a personal approach and these women are from Bondi (it’s almost as hip as the Peninsula; have you heard of it?) And the weekend. And journaling 📓. And Friday mindset. And hang it all, I’m thinking let’s just not get out of bed and instead journal all day I’m serious who’s with me? Soon it will be Spring/Summer and then we won’t have the cold as an excuse. It’s such a moment in time to be alive. We have to do this now. Don’t get up. The Friday finish line is meeting us all in bed today and I, for one, am READY.

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